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Weber Book Links is a nonprofit organization formed to help facilitate the Utah Humanities Book Festival in Weber County and to promote all things literary in Northern Utah: the writers of books, the illustrators and designers of books, and the readers of books by providing a framework for access to writers, illustrators, and their work.

Plans for the 2018 Book Festival are in progress.

June meeting

Our latest meeting of the Weber Book Links Utah Humanities Book Festival on June 20, 2018. In attendance, left to right, was Kathy Gambles (Chairman), Leslie Parslow, Dee Dee Mowers, Robyn Stark, Michael McLane (Utah Humanities),  and Michael Goodwin (behind the camera). We have finalized much of our fall author appearances and they are available on the 2018 Author Events, (click above for details).

Books meeting 4-18

We held our opening meeting of the Weber Book Links Utah Humanities Book Festival on April 26, 2018. In attendance, left to right, was new member, Dee Dee Mowers, Cassie Cox, Michael McLane (Utah Humanities), Kathy Gambles (Chairman) Leslie Parslow, Sian Griffiths, new member Emily Oyler, Lynne Goodwin and Michael Goodwin (behind the camera). Kathy presented an ambitious agenda for the coming fall activities and planning has gone into full speed.

We held our wrap-up meeting of the Utah Humanities Book Festival on Nov. 30, 2017, and discussed the success and disappointments of our Weber County activities for 2017. In attendance were Emily Kunz, Cassie Cox, Michael McLane (Utah Humanities), Robyn Stark, Leslie Parslow, Kathy Gambles (Chairman) and Michael Goodwin (behind the camera). Kathy presented the attendance results of the festival and we discussed our preliminary plans for the 2018 Book Festival.

Here are some photos up of the SF and Fantasy day events on Oct. 7, 2017. Bookselling in the lobby with the art show display. Chris Bodily and Patrick Murphy conducting workshops. Brandon Mull talking with the contest winners and giving his main address. Brandon posing with the art and writing contest winners and signing autographs with the sizable crowd.

On Sept. 28, 2017, Dr. Mikel Vause accepted the Weber Book Links Distinguished Literary Art Advocate Award at the Eccles Community Art Center, (Many thanks to them for hosting this event). Kathy Gambles, Chairperson of Weber Book Links spoke about the Utah Humanities Book Festival. Mikel Vause was introduced by his daughter, Sara Vause, also a professor at WSU. Dr. Vause then spoke about his extensive work in the literary arts, teaching and read some of his poetry.

Cassie Cox, Emily Kunz, Danielle Susi, Kase Johnstun, Kathy Gambles and Michael Goodwin, (behind the camera), were at our September meeting finishing up work for the Utah Humanities Book Festival. There are an incredible amount of details that have to be coordinated in order to bring off this series of events for the enjoyment of everyone. There are still a number of great October activities to come, just click on the 2017 Author Events above.

Since I forgot my phone at the last meeting on August 10, this is an old photo of Emily’s dog, Charlie, who sometimes attends our gatherings. Kathy, Michael, Emily, Leslie, Robyn and Danielle were in attendance as we have just about wrapped up our lineup of great authors and poets for the Utah Humanities Book Festival in Weber County. Flyers for the Utah Humanities Book Festival authors and poets in our area and the 2nd annual SF and Fantasy Day are being printed up and distributed. We are well represented in the UH full Book Festival flyer which will also be distributed throughout the area.

At our July 6 meeting were, L to R, Emily Kunz, Michael McLane, Robyn Stark, Leslie Parslow, Kase Johnstun, Kathy Gambles and Michael Goodwin, (behind the camera). Many details of the fall book festival are coming into focus and we are adding more information to the web sites as it becomes available. We are now looking for people to participate in our Favorite Poem and Distinguished Literary Art Advocate award night where we hope to have 15 area residents, that reflect the diversity and agelessness of our community, read their favorite poems.

Kathy Gambles and Michael Goodwin went to FANcon Saturday, June 3 at the Southwest Branch of the Library to promote the Utah Humanities Book Festival in Weber County and our 2nd Annual Science Fiction and Fantasy Day, this year with Brandon Mull. They put together a nice little eye-catching display and handed out a lot of flyers promoting our fall activities.

We are beginning to fill up the calendar for next fall’s Utah Humanities Book Festival in Weber County. At the last meeting on April 13 with Michael McLane, Danielle Susi, Kathy Gambles, Leslie Parslow, Emily Kunz and Michael Goodwin we confirmed Phillip House, Mark Sundeen and Ryan D. Paul as speakers. We will be posting a partial events calendar soon on the Weber Book Links web page. We have confirmed October 7 with Ogden High School for the Fantasy/Sci Fi Day. As soon as we have our author guest we will open the art and writing competitions and hopefully a partial workshop schedule.

The Weber Book Links committee met Thursday, March 9, (left to right), With Robyn Stark, Leslie Parslow, Janet Vause, Michael Mclane, (Utah Humanities Book Festival head), Danielle Susi, Emily Kunz,  chairperson Kathy Gambles and Michael Goodwin, (behind the camera).

At this meeting Emily Kunz talked about beginning the process of starting the non-profit incorporation application and defining our mission statement. All current committee member are now the official board. Officers are Kathy Gambles, (chairperson), Emily Kunz and Michael Goodwin. The mailing address is Weber Book Links % Kathy Gambles, 829 Vista Drive, Ogden, Utah 84403. We discussed beginning a yearly Northern Utah Outstanding Contribution to the Literary Arts award.  Also, plans are moving forward to provide a full day Fantasy/Science Fiction event patterned after the successful Brandon Sanderson Day last year, in addition we are looking to find a major fiction author to balance that event and to cut down on the number of overall author events. Ashley Wolff was announced as the first author for the 2017 Utah Humanities Book Festival in Weber County, (further information can be found in the 2017 author events heading above). SF/fantasy authors Ernest Cline and Brandon Mull are being looked at as possible speakers.

The Weber Book Links committee met Thursday, Feb 2, (left to right), With new members Rachel Trotter and Danielle Susi, member Robyn Stark, Michael Mclane, Utah Humanities Book Festival head, new member Leslie Parslow, chairperson Kathy Gambles and member Michael Goodwin, (behind the camera).

During the meeting we discussed different writers that might meet the needs for a signature author event similar to Brandon Sanderson during the Utah Humanities Book Festival in 2016. We agreed to promote an earlier start to the writing and art contests and to continue the writing and book workshops that were very popular during the Sanderson event October 9 last year. We shortened the Weber County Book Links name to Weber Book Links and will incorporate as a non-profit group in order to qualify for RAMP grants to fund various author and book events throughout the year and not just during the Utah Humanities Book Festival in September and October. Author Rich Riordan has been ruled out as a possible speaker and writer Philip Hoose is now being considered.

We are still trying to create a catalogue of area authors so that Weber County and area readers will become more aware of the number of talented people we have here in Northern Utah. If you are a published or self-published author we would like to hear from you. Contact us at We will need your name, a short bio, (2 paragraphs only, please, with perhaps, a short description of your work), a list of published books with dates if possible, photo of the author and of the books, (covers), and where they might be available, (book stores, Amazon, personal address, etc.) If you have a personal web site, blog or e-mail, we can include a link. For now we would like to limit our catalogue to writers residing in Weber, Davis, Box Elder, Cache, Rich and Morgan Counties.

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